Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tax audit at the sinagogue

A tax inspector arrives at a sinagogue for a tax audit. He looks at the account registers and tells to the Rabbi:
"Sir, your income is very low and the taxes you pay are also low. How do you manage to live with such low income?"
"Here we recycle EVERYTHING and we have very little expenses."
"Absolutely everything?"
"Even the wax-drops from the candles?"
"Yes, we collect them and we send them to a candle-factory, and from time to time they send us a candle."
"Okaaay... And you recycle also the breadcrumbs from lunch?" asks the inspector with irony...
"Yes. We collect them and we send them. From time to time we get back a bag of rusk biscuits."
"Good... How about the foreskin from circumcisions? You recycle that, too?"
"Yes. We collect them, we send them to the IRS, and from time to time they send as a little prick like you to check our books!"



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